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Basically, to sum up the question, there are SEVERAL ways you can turn. Its a mixture of various movements foremost.
Rotation, Pressure distribution, edge angle and torsinal flex.

Pressure distribution represents how the riders weight is applied along the length of the board. Additional pressure can be created by flexion or extension at certain joints which causes the board to bend @ differnt locations ALSO CALLED: Longitudinal flex.

Rotation (pivot) is the amount the long axis of the board is offest to the relavtive direction of movement. Rotation is in relation to a pivot point on the board-ABOUT WHICH EVERYTHING IS TURNING

Edge angle (tilt) is the amoutn that the board is tilted on its edge. A 'Flat' snowboard has a 0 deg. angle.

Torsional Flex (twist) is the diff. in edge angle between the tip and tail during a manuever. Because of the elasticity of the snowboard materials and structure, the TF represents stored energy like a spring.

Using a combination of these manuvers will allow to shred like no other. Play around with getting low and standing tall. In and OUT of turns.
Usually on a toe side turn you want to bend your knees and put your pressure on your front foot. Rock over to your toes (SLIGHTLY). DONT PUSH DOWN SUPER HARD OR YOUR EDGE IN AND SPIN AROUND.
Now when your nose starts into the turn, distribute your pressure to both feet (front and back) and start standing (extending) your legs up. (NOT ALL THE WAY) This should pull you into the toe side turn.
Always start from your heels, put that pressure on your FRONT foot and go step by step here. This should help. There are other ways to help, but this is and easy way to start.

With heelside: (from toeside turn)
Let your board go flat based (no edge angle) put your pressure on your front foot, rock slightly to your front heel. When you feel it dig, lean slightly back, bend your knees and distribute weight to BOTH feet.

My advice. Keep your knees bent always, use your waist and shoulders to center your gravity and PM ME if you have any further questions…
This turned into a write up!

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