They are ganging up on me. 他们联合起来对付我。
I finally get up the courage to do it. 最后我鼓起勇气去做。
You are trained for nothing. 你书都白念了。
You know what the scariest part is? 你知道最可怕的是什么吗?
I don't think we should go out anymore. 我想我们不该继续交往下去了。
They are going on a date. 他们准备去约会。
How many glasses have you had? 你喝了多少杯了?
He needs some time to grieve. 他需要一些时间疗伤。
Monica's not coming, it's just gonna be me and Rachel. 莫妮卡不去了,那就剩下我跟瑞秋了。
Are you sure you've thought this thing through? 你认真想过了吗?
Every year traffic accidents take a significant toll on drivers.车祸每年造成大约四万人死亡
She has issues. 她有点意见。
Are you through with that? 你完事了吗?
you're like all chaotic and twirly. 你看起来很慌张。/ 你慌慌张张的
You stomped on my heart in front of my (entire) family! 你让我在全家人面前出丑!
Let me fluff the pillow. 让我把枕头拍松一下。
They wanted me to be involved. 他们想我加入。
Not in this lifetime.  这辈子休想。(别不识相啦!)
After 13 years of breakneck construction…."意思是:经过13年飞速的建设,这个项目即将完工。
hand-me-down, 意思是别人用过的旧东西。还有一个是hands down,意思是毫无疑问。

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