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web application framework

two great open source projects: JEXL and SCXML.

excellent java project: JMeter:, many features:

  • plugin;
  • script language BeanShell
  • distributed testing;
  • UI features, such as menu;
  • data analysis module and visualization plugins
  • multiple threading architecture and pluggable timer;

HTTP service and XmlSocket:

web service

To support webservice in Tomcat, you need Tomcat and Axis as Tomcat itself is only a servlet container.

The Apache Axis project( is a open source SOAP implementation which can be downloaded from It also implements JAX-RPC (Java API for XML-based RPC) which conforms to JSR 224 (Java Specification Request). JAX-RPC presents a higher level interface to work with Web services, 'protecting' the programmer from having to understand the finer details of SOAP.

Apache Axis project is a follow-on to the Apache SOAP project.

EJB wikipedia

  • EJB 3.0 unlike EJB 1.x, 2.x does not have a home interface
  • The EJB specification requires that all entity beans provide at least one no-argument constructor to the EJB container.
  • the EJB 3.0 specification doesn’t make allowances for BMP. However, it does require backward-compatibility with earlier versions of the EJB specification—earlier

versions that include support for BMP;

id extends notes sample
Remote EJB
Remote Component Interface extends EJBObject every method is declared to throw a RemoteException. sample
Remote Home Interface extends EJBHome the create() method returns the remote component interface, and that the method throws RemoteException and CreateException.. sample
Local EJB
Local Component Interface extends EJBLocalObject no exception throwing, like normal java code. sample
Local Home Interface extend EJBLocalHome create() method would return the local component interface, and the method would throw only CreateException. link to sample
EJB Bean implements SessionBean sample


Remote (Component) Interface
import java.rmi.RemoteException;
import javax.ejb.*;
public interface MetricCvtRemote extends EJBObject
  public String Convert( String sType, double dToConvert ) 
                throws RemoteException;
// other method declarations
} // end MetricCvtRemote
Remote Home Interface
import javax.ejb.*;
import java.rmi.RemoteException;
public interface MetricCvtRemoteHome extends EJBHome 
  // required
  MetricCvtRemote create() throws RemoteException, 
} // end MetricCvtRemoteHome
EJB bean
import javax.ejb.*;
public class MetricCvtBean **implements SessionBean** 
  public MetricCvtBean() {} // end constructor
// required by the specification contract
  public void ejbCreate() {} // end ejbCreate
// required for SessionBean implementation
  public void ejbRemove() {}
  public void ejbActivate() {}
  public void ejbPassivate() {}
  public void setSessionContext(SessionContext sc) {}
  public String Convert( String sType, double dToConvert )
  } // end Convert
  // other methods
 } // end class MetricCvtBean

EJB interview questions

EJB restrictions

Geronimo Enterprise Server

Geronimo is an open source project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is an enterprise application server created to the J2EE 1.4 standard.
While you could test your applications on evaluation copies of commercial servers such as IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, SUN Java System Application Server, or the Oracle Application Server; production deployment on these servers could be very costly for small enterprises, or those with budgetary constraints.
without Geronimo , the only available free open-source J2EE enterprise server is JBOSS + Tomcat.

5-minute Tutorial on Enterprise Application Development with Eclipse and Geronimo

Apache Geronimo v2.2 deploy


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