Freeswitch Installation
get source code
mkdir ~/fs
cd ~/fs
tar zxvf ./freeswitch-1.0.7.tar.gz
cd freeswitch-1.0.7
compile and installation
  • prepare dependent libraries:
sudo apt-get install autoconf automake g++ git-core libjpeg62-dev libncurses5-dev libtool make libgnutls26 libgnutls-dev
  • build and install
./ && ./configure && make
sudo make install
install sound files (OPTIONAL)

if you need sound files, it will take a little while as the sound files are around 200M.

make cd-sounds-install cd-moh-install
install flite (OPTIONAL)
vim ~/fs/freeswitch-1.0.7/modules.conf

to comment out flite line like:


install flite module :

cd ~/fs/freeswitch-1.0.7
sudo make mod_flite-install

enable flite module to be automatically loaded when FS is started.

sudo vim /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml

comment out flite line.

<!— ASR /TTS —>
<load module="mod_flite"/>

install phpmod so we can make calls from web browser

update source and re-install

After doing a “svn update” or changing some source files, you may want to clean out your build area. To ensure that your build is clean, you should execute:
Type This

make clean modwipe

Alternatively, you can simply execute “make current” which will handle the svn up, clean up, and rebuild in one step:
Type This

make current

NOTE: make current will take a while as it completely cleans the build environment and rebuilds FreeSWITCH!

Also, the clean targets leave the “modules.conf” file. To see if there are any new modules you may want to execute
Type This

diff build/ modules.conf

Once you are satisfied with your options, follow the build directions above. If you have enabled a module that was not previously enabled, and you want to build just that module, or rebuild one that has changed, you may execute the following:
Type This

make mod_name-install

where mod_name is the name of the module you wish to rebuild.

doing a “make install” will not overwrite any existing files in $(PREFIX)/conf if there already exists a $(PREFIX)/conf/freeswitch.xml file.

duplicate installations on other machines

Build Debian Packages

I love how FreeSWITCH has made it so easy to create deb packages from the source you just downloaded. It makes it easier to compile once and then install on multiple machines. Just follow the steps below

cd /usr/src/freeswitch/

sudo dpkg-buildpackage

dpkg-buildpackage gave an error that uuid-dev was not installed. So I had to install it by running the following command.

sudo aptitude install uuid-dev

I ran dpkg-buildpackage again and did not find any other errors. If you do encounter any errors, please install the required packages and run dpkg-buildpackage again. Continue doing this until there are no more errors.

It will take some time for the compiling and packaging to be done. Once finished, you will see a bunch of .deb, .dsc, .changes, and .tar.gz files. You may install all of them using dpkg -i.

other installation reference

sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion subversion-tools autoconf automake gcc  make wget libtool g++ libncurses5 libncurses5-dev libgdbm-dev libdb-dev libperl-dev zlib1g-dev unixODBC-dev
// for fax
sudo apt-get install libtiff4-dev libjpeg-dev
// for python
sudo apt-get install python2.5 python2.5-dev
//for dingaling
sudo apt-get install libgnutls-dev
// skype
sudo apt-get install libx11-dev

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