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Posted At : October 18, 2006 12:14 AM | Posted By : Kelly Brown
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I was having a discussion about how Flash 9 is much faster than pervious versions. The discussion shifted to how it does it compare against Java, so I decided to create a little test to find out. I created an action script class and java class that quick sorts a million numbers. The Java version took 2.4 seconds, the Flash/Flex version took 45 seconds. I decided the comparison wasn't quite fair since I was using primitives in Java and Flash numbers are really immutable objects, so I changed the Java version to use the Integer class instead of ints. That increased the Java running time to 5.1 seconds. Of course this is pure calculation and moving data around in memory, which isn't Flash's focus, but I thought it was interesting to know. I need to recompile this in Flash 8 and see what kind of performance difference the new VM makes.

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What can Apollo learn from Java
Ryan Stewart was blogging about how Apollo is going to change the internet application paradigm. It reminded me of the same promise made by the Java Web Start technology. The Java camp has been trying to push web application to the desktop for years with Java Web Start. Unfortunately, Web Start was plagued with poor performance and instability in the first few releases, making it unattractive to the developers. The biggest roadblock for Web Start was the fact that Sun was having a hard time getting the public to upgrade to the latest Java runtime environment. The 20mb installer and a confusing download page have proven to be too much for the casual computer users.

Do all these remind you of anything? That’s right, the Java applet technology. Java applet was the first serious attempt at rich internet application – a concept way ahead of its time, but it was hindered by the same problems. If you ask any developer familiar with Java, he or she would tell you that applet is too slow and most people don’t know how to install the JRE. Fast forward to the present, Flex is really just another attempt at the original Java applet vision. Unlike the Java applet, the Flash platform enjoys a tremendous install base and it’s very easy to upgrade to the latest version. Flex also loads faster and looks way better than its ugly cousin. It’s no wonder the Flex Builder 2 is just flying off the shelf as soon as it’s released.

Looking into the future, the Apollo shares a common vision with Java Web Start, but can Apollo overcome the challenges plaguing its predecessors? Looking at what Flex has done for rich internet applications, one can’t help being a little optimistic. Hopefully, the Apollo team can learn from the Java Web Start’s mistakes and finally capture the market.







使用flex比使用flash cs3更方便actionscript3的编写,今天安装了flex3(可以免费使用三个月),测试时(ctrl+f11)出现错误。意思是你的flash player版本太低,你下载安装了之后,还是如此,如何解决这样的问题呢?
到flex的安装目录中找到player win的文件中的player acvitx 及aplayer activex plugin两个.msi(文件名可能拼写有错)重新安装一下就可以了。注意是win文件夹中的msi文件

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