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RDK Painting lic#700965
Roy Marden
office 510 713-1010
cell 510 612 7633
He does work all over the bay area I live in Sunnyvale.
He is very neat I compared his prices to other painter and his pricing is very fair.

Mobile Notary Service -

$5 per signature
Affordable, Convenient and Friendly Mobile Notary Service across South bay at your Doorstep / mutually convenient locations
7 days a week including late evenings / night and holidays. Flexible hours.
Bonder, Certified and background screened.
Nathan Ganeshan / 408 685 3443

mortgage rate This is the rate listed today

car mover

DAS(Dependable auto shipper), cant beat price and time for shipment.

mover service

I *very* highly recommend:
Jerry Wood Movers

Family owned & operated business, based out of SJ but they cover the whole area.

They are hard working, fast, efficient, polite, friendly and very fair in pricing! They charge in 15min increments!!

Flooring service.

Leo phone# is 408.406.1267.

I got my floors done recently from Leo Wu. Great prices, great job and great customer service. Here is his email address:
Leo Wu: moc.oohay|yxwoel#moc.oohay|yxwoel.

stay in HK

try 衛蘭軒, it has good location and easy to access. it has discount price if you reserved from

the internet. I just stayed 3 days in this hotel. the service is ok.

tax CPA

Daulat Nagdev is an excellent tax consultantn and accountant. I have been a client of his for more than six years. His contact info is below

5749 penwood Ln
Dublin, CA 94568
Office (925) 361-7050
Fax: (925) 361-7060

Jimmy Chen , CPA, 2146 Ringwood Ave. San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 435-8828

Great CPA referral:

Laura M. Lamprecht, CPA
250 Watson Drive, #4
Campbell, CA 95008
Ph 408-221-6308
Fx 408-370-1605

Arcadia Accountancy Associates.
Chinese name is 李依璇會計師事務所
Telephone is 650-787-8026

air ticket agent

Lan Li at 510 818 0168.

eye doctor

Dr. Carey

Dr.Ketul Joshi at
Gold Gary M OD
(408) 736-3802

stay in paris

We stayed 5 nights at the following hotel in May. It was very nice. About 5 blocks south from Notre Dame (and therefore River Seine). It's very soothing to walk by the river at night. You can take a boat tour if you want. It's also not too far from Metro (subway) or RER (rail). French food can never go wrong, don't try the chinese restaurant half a block away.

to SJ airport

Park at building O (FREE).
Take the Light Rail (across from O) south to "Metro/Airport" station (FREE with a FREE ECO-pass from Cisco).
Take bus #10 "Metro/LightRail" to the airport (FREE).
Departing 1.5 hours before your flight departure allows plenty of buffer for worst case timing (just missing the train AND bus and having to wait one more duty cycle for BOTH), plus airport security time, etc.

immigration lawyer

Sharon S. Lue

45 Cabot Ave. #102 Tel:408-246-2396
Santa Clara, CA 95051 Fax: 408-246-2796

sports store

For decently priced boarding clothes and accessories, go to Wintersport Warehouse in Santa Clara.

load agent

If you like you could try talk to Alicia Zhao. I've used her many times for loans and refi and still found her very good.
Alicia Zhao

Sandy, 925-980-3552

badminton club in union city

A new Badminton Club opened in Union City, the information as below:

*APAC Badminton Club (in Union City) - Grand Opening Promotion! *

Address: 33540 Central Ave, Union City, CA 94587
Tel: 510.323.4836
Fax: 510.323.0367

car service

timing belt.
Yarnell's in MV. They specialize in Toyota's, and do excellent work at reasonable prices. I go there for all my Toyota work, and have never been cheated, overpriced, or told I need unnecessary procedures.

80 Pioneer Way in MV


Well, here's one contractor to GO FOR..

Sang Ngyuen (sp ?): 408-210-7816

He is great in all respects: estimates, time to finish and yes prices!

to avoid: Nelson Yuan 408-891-2779 / Rongjie Liu, 510-676-2529 / Mr. Chom Tae Ma (408) 460-0518

Here is one which is very good. The owner's name is Nu. I've got my whole house floors done last year. Very happy with the result, they give a very good pricing and wonderful work.

Western Hardwood Floor Inc
1431 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 567-0100

living nanny

great experience with an Au Pair service.

snow park

Here is the info on the snow play area near Dodge Ridge: There are unofficial play areas around - one in Strawberry and one where the 4 lane highway goes to 2 lanes, between Long Barn and Cold Springs. And your kids may just find a pile of snow they like around the Dodge Ridge parking lot and make their own fun.

Another fun activity nearby is the ice skating rink in Long Barn:

There are several restaurants around - one at the Strawberry Lodge in Strawberry, one near the general store at Pinecrest Lake, A Mexican restaurant in Cold Springs, Pie in the Sky Pizza in Sierra Village (15 mi away from Dodge), Diamond Jims in Mi-Wuk Village, Cafe 108 in Sugar Pine, and a number of good restaurants in Twain Harte. Another good tip is the freshly baked Cinnamon rolls & coffee on weekend mornings at Andy's restaurant in Mi-Wuk village.

ski lodge

Big 7 ( is very decent in Kingsbeach.
Lake of the Sky Motor Inn and it's pretty decent for a night or two and quick access to the slopes

personal injury lawyer

Please try Scher & Bassett, William
They are very good.


honda 60k service, Japanese Beetle, 928 ElCamino, Sunnyvale, tel (408) 730-8900.
body work

OBYgen doctor

Dr. Nadine Graven as the OBGYN doctor

home window

Some of the reputed and reliable installers
- Five Star Windows
- American Vision Windows - very reliable and good quality windows (mainly Anlin).


If you want Cupertino/San Jose area, Richard Chung is good one, 408-568-2549

James Ma/Coldwell Banker, Saratoga
International Presidents' Elite
Coldwell Banker, Saratoga
408-839-7197 (cell)

Isabella Jin is a very good realtor. She is very smart , quick response, and very dedicated. You can call her any time, any day and she is always available. The most impressive thing is she holds a degree of medical Dr. from Stanford. 408 656-0388

car mechanic

David, Economy Auto. He speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, good price and honest.

1170 Willow Ave Ste 1
Sunnyvale, CA

The Way Autocare
1985 lafayette st. santa clara ca 95050
408 426 6649

A1 performance (408) 5300089, by 101 and Mathilda avenue

air ticket agent

Someone sent out the following agencies info before —- I got my tickets from #5 , resonable price and very helpful.

— Cindy

1. Land & Sea Travle, located in the peninsula
Tel: 650-341-9019

- Operated by a family member of Cisco coworker, speaks Mandarin
- Sells tickets to Asia, that includes China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

495 CASTRO ST. STE.101
MT. VIEW, CA 94041
TEL650-967-1825 FAX650-967-1320
TEL510-364-6219 HOTLINE

- nice and professional

3. Mr. Jimmy Zhou of "World Travel" —- three recommendations
Tel: 408-954-1668
792 Barber Lane #2F
Milpitas, CA 95035 ( very close to Cisco buildings)

- Help arrange very complicated trip
- Trying to help you like a friend, not simply just sell you a ticket. I'm very happy with the service I got.
- Conveniently located at the small plaza that close to building 21
- Friendly

4. Try travel site, and compare offer from Travel agents

5. Ms. Faith Zhang from Intel Life Travel —- two recommendations
Tel: 408-296-8828

- Always get the route I want at the lowest price I can find
- Very friendly, responsive and professional

6. Susan from Lai Lai Travel
Tel: 408-946-8668
2078 N Capitol Ave, SJ, CA 95132

1. try World Travel @ (408) 954-1668

2. Try 973-8888

3. The website is a little slow,

4. Jenny Ding
EZ Travel
Tel: 408-978-0808
4640-B Meridian Ave,
San Jose, CA95124
Jenny Ding [moc.labolglevartze|ynnej#moc.labolglevartze|ynnej]


Kimberly Pitts-Davis


Dr. Suzan Gordon from the Milpitas Optometric Group.
There are other doctors there but she is the only one that I would recommend.

laser ervice

The doctor's Chinese name is Pan Xun who you may heard in Channel 26 or 96.1 Koit. I think he's good. It cost $2600. The machine is not wavefront (normally it costs ~3500)
You may get more information in their web cite.

Each time I called 2-3 agents to compare prices. These two are my favorites, esp Ms. Chen :

408/452-8100 Ms Chen, Golden Gate

408/973-8888 Lynda

car accident lawyer

Arne Nelson (Attorney)
415 398 7200

chinese vegeterian restaurant

Sunnyvale (562 S Murphy Ave).


using Ella at her house in Cupertino(near the super market TienTien). The rate is reasonable, time is flexible and we are happy with them(Ella's parent stay with her so they help a lot).

Drop them a call @ 408-996-2087 if you are interested.

carpet service

Sergio Cordero, (408) 379-8827

dentist review

window replacement

关键是测量准replacement window的尺寸.

cook fan

经过一个多月的调查研究, 安了这个牌子的,不象其他美式抽油烟机,需要FILTER, 也是带油杯的.风量大, 850CPM, 开到最大的时候, 屋里都觉得很冷了, 一点气味都没有了.
比较美观, 是under the cabinet类型的, 所以可以按照MAMALE的装法来装.现在看比较满意,但不知道好不好清洗. email them for a quote first,they have lower price than my local Zephyr dealer


car insurance

标 题: Re: 请推荐个Farmers的车保险Agent

Kevin Chen at
They will try to lower your insurance premium as far as they can.


car tint

" Extreme Tint & Polish "
Located at 2756 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, Ca.95050 (408) 727-9540. I've taken my cars there for
over 10yrs now. They use high quality film and does very nice work.

car mechanic

Hiep Hoa
1641 So. 10th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
408-287-9378 Direct
408-298-9531 Alternate
408-286-7655 Fax

Thanh Nguyen is the owner. It may be a bit out of your way but we have had excellent service from his business.
Please let him know I referred you.

Accepts CASH ONLY…no checks, no credit cards. Reasonable, reliable…

Bayshore Automotive
5 star rating
based on 7 reviews
Rating Details »

Category: Auto Repair [Edit]
1394 N 4th St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 441-9986

roof repair

Bill Pignanello (916-768-7689, 408 242-0955).

moving boxes

Check out your local Freecycle group. There is typically someone willing to part with them there, and they are free!

car 30k for honda

Try I've had extensive body work done by
them as well as all major maintenance. I've been pretty happy with their
work. Ask for Joey . Tell them Warren Ang sent you.

You can try "Bay City" in Milpitas which is a honda specialist. I don't have the address/telephone on hand but you can search it from yahoo.

Kaloci & Son (Acura and Honda service) 408-730-8878

Honest mechanic… they have been servicing my intergra for the last 7-8 years.

air ticket

Air and Sea at fremont: (510) 226-6662

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