Android Build


android aosp build

emulator avd

android build analysis

add busybox


ro.hardware=grouper <— software nakasig
ro.product.board: <— hardware grouper
ro.product.brand: google
ro.product.model: nexus 7 hardware grouper ??? 5.0,nosdcard tilapia brand/software/build-product:release, google/nakasig/tilapia:4.4

build specific package

— mm: Builds all of the modules in the current directory.
— mmm: Builds all of the modules in the supplied directories.

check the LOCAL_MODULE line in file
then make module_name

You can also get the list of the modules available in the build
system with the make modules target

make file

standard makefile

print information:

输出信息的方法是:$(warning xxxxx)或者$(error xxxxx)
输出变量方式为:$(warning $(XXX))
$(warning " JNI_H_INCLUDE = $(JNI_H_INCLUDE)")


ndk makefile

android makefile 编译分析及 android.mk分析


build prop

android build/core/Makefile defines INSTALLED_BUILD_PROP_TARGET, which is generated by:

BUILDINFO_SH := build/tools/
   TARGET_DEVICE="$(TARGET_DEVICE)" \      <-- export environment variable 
   bash $(BUILDINFO_SH) >> $@   <---- re-direct the output into build.prop file

BUILDINFO_SH=build/tools/, it has the following content:

   echo "ro.product.device=$TARGET_DEVICE"   <-- echo a line 's content

how to create a zip file:


ota mechanism

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