to unlock: (I haven't tested it yet)

First with different carrier SIM in phone at WRONG CARD screen ENTER on the keypad
*2767*3855# (wait 10-15 seconds) phone will reboot(restart)
When phone completes reboot ENTER
*7465625*638*00000000*00000000#, actually it will show as *7465625*638*--*--#
AND THEN *#7465625# to check the locks….all locks are inactive…these are all the locks…
network lock - inactive
subset lock - inactive
sp lock - inactive
cp lock - inactive
sim lock - inactive
activa lock - inactive
phone lock - inactive
auto network - inactive
auto subset lock - inactive
auto sp lock - inactive
auto cp lock - inactive

Disable GPRS

Or you can try *#4777*8665#, and then select "GPRS detach". Now it will show something like "network unavailable" if you try to connect Media.net.

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