A True Closing Cost

其实closing cost根本没有太多,closing也很简单(我们只用了一个小时就做完了)很多人就是喜欢吓唬人。
四月刚买房,加州,没有agent, 500K+
Lend: bank of America, total lender fee: 676
escrow company: old republic title

除了分摊的tax (那是本来就应该付的),所有的其他费用如下:
Buyer's Estimated Closing Statement
Item Debits Credits
Sales Price 5,000.00
Lender Fees 0.10
Flood Certification 11.00
Tax Service 75.00
Paid Outside Closing per Lender
Application Fee $200.00
(以上是lender fee, 包括在676里)

Certificate of Insurance Fee to Need Insurance Information 500.00(买房后会退)
Homeowners Association Management Fees
Estimate for Transfer Fee 195.00
Estimate for May 2007 Dues 226.00 (下个月的HOA)
Estimate for HOA Documents 35.00

Escrow Fees 750.00

Special Courier Service Fee 50.00
Additional Processing Fee - Loan Tie In Fee 75.00
Additional Processing Fee - E-Mail Document Processing 75.00
Notary Fees 175.00
110.9 Environmental Protection Lien 25.00
ALTA Loan Policy 581.00
Recording Fees 115.00 (Deed 30.00 Deed of Trust 85.00)
Other Title Fees 50.00 (Estimate for Endorsements 50.00)

County Transfer Tax 561.00(一般应该seller付)

Depends on your state, generally speaking closing fees including the
1. Insurance, HOA fee and property tax, interest which are all prorated.

2. Two kind of taxes
Transfer tax, =(sale price-new loan)*rate
Intangibles tax, =new loan*rate

In some stats seller pay this and buyer pay that, you need to ask an agent or a closing attorney about your local custom.

3.Some miscellaneous fee, such as postage, copy, wire fee etc.

Builders and sellers try to push these fees as much to the buyer as possible. You need to be aware them and don't wait for the last minute to negotiate about them. One agent I know charged $300 for documents storage fee. I call that 巧立名目or太他妈黑了。

The rate is the only factor that affects your monthly P&I( Principle & Interest) payment if the loan amount does not change. The APR is affect by
both the rate and your out of pocket closing costs. The best way to compare when you are looking for a mortgage is to compare the rate and the closing
costs that is out of your pocket.

Closing costs generally includes:
1. Lender fee
2. broker fee(if using broker)
3. Appraisal fee
4. Title related fees
5. county/state taxes, property tax and homeowner's insurance withhold

When looking at closing costs. You should pay more attention to #2 and #4 mentioned above because they are the two could be charged more. Especially #2
the broker fee.

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